A furnace, radiant heating or ductless split system are great ways to heat your home. We Coloradoans know that our winters get bitter! Just because your furnace is huge, doesn’t mean it will work the best for your house…The proper sized equipment is key for an effective and lasting heated home.

Ventilation and Air Ducts

Constructing and repairing ventilation and air ducts is sometimes necessary when remodeling your home. Having properly designed air ways ensures that your space will be comfortable when paired with your awesome furnace and air conditioning. Though you hardly see these hidden air ways, it’s highly important that they are done right.

Water Heaters

A 40-80 gallon hot water heater has a typical life span of 10-15 years. Sometimes they politely stop working while other times, they leave their mark before they surrender. It’s best to replace your water heater before it decides to quite dramatically and flood the basement.


Air conditioners and ductless split systems are the best choice for a cool home. Just like with your furnace, a bigger air conditioner is not your friend; you need the right size for the best results.

Because we are biased, we don’t install swamp coolers…we only remove them and install your new air conditioning system!

*Note: both your heating and cooling equipment should have a minimum of two service maintenance (spring and fall) to keep all the working parts in ship shape. This helps prevents major breaks that exhaust your machinery premature. Take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.

Whole House Humidifier

Have you ever been zapped by static electricity when flipping on your light switch? Does your household struggle with dry skin or frequent nose bleeds? A whole house humidifier is your answer. We most often recommend steam humidifiers as they require the least amount of attention and surveillance while being highly efficient.

Control & Accessories

There are some great ways to rev up your HVAC equipment. Wifi thermostats, temperature zone sensors, and duct zoning are some of the many ways to add luxurious control for the comfort of your home.